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Workflow – just another buzzword in identity management? No…


Workflow is a magic word almost like MAC, both has several meanings. Which meaning is the right one in case of workflow? What does it represent in the identity management context, you will find out in the article. Workflow – what we use it for? Workflow is in CzechIdM usually used to represent identity process e.g. “Enabled […]... přečíst celý článek

CzechIdM 7 – product description


CzechIdM 7 is the latest generation of the identity manager, which administers over 3 million user accounts in not only Czech companies. Our experience from managing identities of our existing customers has been used during its development. This version is the answer to requests of users, administrators, and developers. Check out our online demo at […]... přečíst celý článek

CzechIdM 7.5 Emerald is out


Three weeks after the Diamond was released, here comes a new stable version of CzechIdM called Emerald. It provides many interesting new features as well as some bugfixes. Check out the post to see what brings the latest version of our identity manager. Provisioning brake If you have a system connected to CzechIdM, e.g. MS […]... přečíst celý článek

Key benefits of Identity Management


How can an identity management help in your company? Here are key benefits for different employee roles in the organization. For users Self-service Password reset New permissions and accounts requests Overview of current permissions and accounts Overview of contracted positions, contact information For supervisors Overview of subordinate’s permissions + self-service to change them Accelerating the […]... přečíst celý článek

New release of CzechIdM 7.4 – Diamond


Main milestones: Virtual systems are supported A virtual system is a system, that can not be directly connected for online management. The reason may be for example the absence of a suitable system connector. The virtual system is basically only a registration mode, where for each system change is generated the implementation request (notification) that […]... přečíst celý článek

Roles in CzechIdM – who approves their assigning?


Identity manager helps on the field of privileges management. It can solve tasks like roles evidence and distribution or role assignment to users. Another benefit of identity manager is that role assignment can usually be driven by workflow and user tasks. How does it work in CzechIdM, you will find out in the article. Role […]... přečíst celý článek

Pozvánka na workshop „Identity Management a GDPR“


Zveme Vás na workshop zabývající se problematikou Identity Managementu (IDM) vzhledem ke směrnici GDPR. Téma: Identity Management a GDPR Kdy: 14.11.2017 v 9:00 hodin Kde: BCV solutions s. r. o., 7. května 1168/70, 106 00 Praha 4 – Chodov, 149 00 Registrace: Workshop je bezplatný, počet míst je omezen. Občerstvení je zajištěno. Pdf pozvánka. […]... přečíst celý článek

Certificate authority module in CzechIdM, part2 – the execution engine


In the first part of our series, we discussed important features the company’s certificate authority should have. In today’s post, we will present the CAW, our execution engine. Read on. The CAW engine is our implementation of the CA atop the OpenSSL certificate authority engine. Actually, there already exist many CA implementations but none of […]... přečíst celý článek

Dry Run – watch process deeply…


Task scheduler is a tool in CzechIdM which manages long running operations. One can plan to run tasks automatically in scheduled terms or start them manually. They e.g. manage personnel processes like End of contract or Enabled contract. Moreover, password expiration, automatic roles assigning and other task are also managed by task scheduler. In current […]... přečíst celý článek

Identity lifecycle processes in CzechIdM 7


Everyone knows that an identity manager automatically handles access rights of users in connected systems. But how does it do that? CzechIdM 7 comes with a set of default processes that do the job. What are they about you will find out in the article. Standardized processes CzechIdM contains standardized lifecycle processes management for identities. […]... přečíst celý článek

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