Managing user accounts in multiple applications is not an easy matter. Under the management of accounts falls not only their creating and deleting, but also their updating: for example, a change of a name or a job title. For each of these tasks there are related processes, which vary depending on the position, organizational structure, etc. You also need huge amount of information for audits or security analysis. The requirements for data protection in combination with frequent legal changes lead to increasing complexity of the IT environment. On the other hand, sources in the IT department, whether personal or financial, remain the same or decrease.

Is it possible to get out of this vicious circle?

One of the ways to solve this problem is a centralized Identity Management. At current requirements for size, availability and security of ICT environment, the automated management of user accounts becomes a necessary tool for more and more companies.

Who will help?

BCV solutions, Czech company based in Prague, with a focus on providing IT solutions and services. We help to improve the Identity and Access Management.

Advantages of BCV over its competitors:

We use our own CzechIdM or products from Microsoft, IBM, Novell and Oracle.

Who is the Identity Management for?

Identity Management helps where there are diverse IT systems with hundreds or more users, roles, certificates, etc. Identity Management is suitable for commercial companies, academic, healthcare and government.

What will be the aim of the project?

We specialize in turnkey solutions. In practice, this means that we can help you:

About CzechIdM

CzechIdM is a tool to automate the management of users and their accounts at the end systems. It brings the efficiency of business processes related to the starting and ending employments , resetting passwords, etc. Another important benefit is increased security. This is achieved through a formal process definition, logging operations and automated controls (for example, whether the user is still an employee, etc.). Since CzechIdM keeps track of all important events (changes) on the life cycle of identities and accounts, it is a good source of data for reports. It also contributes to greater security and transparency of the system.

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