Copyright Protection

This website is owned and operated by the company BCV solutions s.r.o. (hereinafter referred to as the “Operator”), company number: 28360851, VAT number: CZ28360851. In accordance with the Copyright Act, the Operator is solely entitled to perform law of property to this website, unless other parties are appointed by the Operator.

The rights and obligations of the Operator, as well as of other users abide by the terms stated here, for use of this website. These terms apply to every person visiting this website (hereinafter referred to as the “User”).

The entirety of this internet presentation’s content is protected by the Copyright Act, the Trademark Act and by the corresponding regulations of the Commercial Code.

All materials published in the web interface are protected by the Copyright Act. Products and services stated in the web interface, the information about them and their representation may also be protected by additional rights of associated persons (producers, distributors and suppliers in particular). Names and labels of products, services, businesses and companies may be trademarks belonging to their respective owners.

Each of the published materials is protected individually as well as a part of a whole, including its arrangement. Copying and propagating them in any way is strictly prohibited without a demonstrable consent of the Operator.

Statistical Data Collection

When the web pages are being used, general data and information are collected for statistical purposes (number of visits, number of downloads of certain documents, user’s country of origin). The statistics acquired from this data are used to adjust the web pages to the needs of individual users. Users’ personal data are not collected in this context and cannot be deduced from the statistics. The Operator is entitled to provide third parties with the statistics.


“Cookies” are information which is saved from a web page onto the User’s hard drive in their computer / device. Our website uses cookies for easier navigation, and they help us to make the quality of its content and offer better. By using our website, the User agrees to saving cookies onto their computer / device.

The reason for the Operator to use cookies on his website and certain online services is to acquire information about how users navigate the website and to potentially assess the behavior of the visitor to the website. Cookies also remember personalized settings. Cookies can be disabled by changing settings in your web browser. If you decide to do so, some functions dependent on cookies may not work properly.


The Operator cannot be held responsible for any potential risks which could arise to the User by using this website.

The Operator does not guarantee that the information or services published on this web server are correct and complete. The materials on this website or products and prices stated in these materials are subject to change without notice at any time. The materials and information about services on this web server may not be up-to-date and the Operator does not undertake to keep them up to date on this web server.

All information, documents and materials provided on these web pages and this web server are provided without guarantees. The Operator’s obligations concerning his products and services are determined solely by contracts on basis of which they are provided, and the content of this website or e-mail communication cannot be interpreted as changes into the contracts.

Neither the Operator nor other companies stated on these web pages can be held responsible in any way for damages of any kind caused by using information from this website or any other website that is linked to from this server.

The Operator dissociates himself from content of web pages of other websites connected through links in his presentation. If the User visits these web pages, the Operator cannot be held responsible for their security measures and protection of User’s personal data.

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