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South American coati – Prague ZOO

Since 2010, we have been sponsoring the South American coati in the Prague zoo (www.zoopraha.cz). The South American coati is from the Procyonidae family. Its well-developed nose can swivel in a 45° radius allowing the coati to explore its surroundings. It has a very well-developed sense of smell, along with the other senses. The coati is a very adaptable animal, it is an omnivore, it lives in rainforest regions, where the living conditions are very hard.

Pamětní listina ZOO Praha - Sponzoring nosála nosál červený

We are helping the children from the Paleček nursery school

We have helped the children from the Paleček nursery school by making a contribution to buy toys (www.rcpalecek.cz).

Sponzoring - Mateřská školka Paleček Sponzoring - Mateřská školka Paleček

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